Failure of Wit

Published July 22, 2011 by caitlinnicoll

So, the heatwave has come to the Northeast (well yesterday, but I was too hot and lazy to post). While its not nearly as hot as the Midwest, its still hot. I’m used to it because growing up in Boston, upper 90 degree weather was not unusual in July and August, but apparently in the mountains it is. The east coast is hotter. And wetter. Anyways, the reason I feel so melty, droopy, sweaty, cranky, headachey, and tired is because I live on the 4th and top floor of an old brick building over a Chinese restaurant with no air conditioning. I take about 5 cold showers a day.

Now, on a slightly more important note, The Hobbit has begun filming (it has been for a few months, but still)! My nerdy self is kind of excited that Martin Freeman will be playing young Bilbo. It leads me to wonder if he will pack his towel.

I was going to write a witty, insightful post, but it is just too damn hot to think straight. So I’ll save it for next week. Enjoy the weekend, drink lots of water, and now I’m going to go jump in the pool and pretend I’m a fish. Because fishes are cool.


6 comments on “Failure of Wit

  • “I live on the 4th and top floor of an old brick building over a Chinese restaurant with no air conditioning.”

    So you’re saying those aren’t ideal working conditions?

    I feel less witty just thinking about that… Hopefully it will cool off soon.

    • I think (hope) it will. They are splitting it into 2 parts, and I saw that both Elijah Wood and Iam Holm are going to be in it, which suggests that the second part will end soon before the beginning of The Fellowship.

  • I just read an article on yahoo about staying cool. Have you tried putting a bowl of ice in front of your fan? The other thing you can use (which my dad used to do) is a plastic milk carton filled with water and frozen solid. In front of a fan, it takes a good looong time for that to melt, giving off cool air the whole time.

    (I so hate being hot. I feel so bad for you, hon.)

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