Walking Zombie

Published August 18, 2011 by caitlinnicoll

Does anyone else feel like that after they’ve stayed up all night, they’ve drunk a bottle of rum and sung at the top of their lungs? No? Just me?

I figured out some snazzy new tricks for CS5 last night (hence the lack of sleep), and I will now say prematurely that I will be the next digital art master. I can get pretty obsessive with my art. Sometimes staying up all night to work on it, then returning after roughly four hours sleep to finish it. I tend to be like this because the urge to draw usually doesn’t last very long, so I frantically get it all out while I can.

Anyways, today is the last day to enter my character sketch giveaway. Anyone can enter, and it’s really easy. The winner is chosen randomly, so its not like if I don’t agree with your comment, you’ll be disqualified or anything.

I’m excited about the prospect of drawing someone else’s characters. It’s a whole new and exciting frontier of unknown. A break from the monotony of the same old characters, the same old fan art.

So enter. Maybe you’ll win. And I promise I won’t be a walking zombie when I start them.


8 comments on “Walking Zombie

  • I was like that last week. Got a little frantic about some note taking for the new novel and stayed up way too late a couple of nights. I really suffer without enough sleep, so it eventually all blew up in my face and I got nothing done for the last half of the week because of the walking zombie thing.

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