What is this?

Published August 29, 2011 by caitlinnicoll

I finished the character sketches for Charleevale, and as promised, here they are:

Everybody, meet Calista and Kalor.



My camera is misbehaving today, so the pictures are a little fuzzy.

Also, last week, S.B. at Writing the Other, gave me the Blog on Fire award. thanks S.B.!

1. Are you a rutabaga? 
No. Maybe. I plead the 5th
2. Who is your current crush? 
Ian Somerhalder. Because he is made of awesome  (I seem to use that word a lot)
3. Upload a heartwarming picture that makes you smile.
they used to get along so well… then puberty struck

4. When was the last time you ate a vine-ripened tomato? 
Never. tomatoes creep me out. the seeds remind me of frog eggs. And I know why…. *shudder*
5. Name one habit that causes other people to plot your demise. 
Not listening seems to be a pretty popular response, so to go with something completely different, my sarcasm? People can never seem to be able to tell when I am kidding or not. Even my best friends. Even my family. Except my brother, because we’re mind-twins
6. What’s the weirdest, most disgusting job you’ve ever had to do? 
thankfully my jobs haven’t been too nasty, but I was a housekeeper at a retirement home for a while. there were a few unpleasant situations involved
7. Where da muffin top at? 
I ate it. First. Because that is the best part
8. What author introduced you to your genre?

9. Describe yourself using obscure Latin words:
Certavi et Vici… totally copied S.B. here and went with my Irish clan motto, which also fits me

People who deserve this
Hmm…I don”t think I know anyone who hasn’t already received it.
Hektor… did you already get one? Whatever, I’m giving it to you.

7 comments on “What is this?

  • People don’t get my sarcasm either. It’s really bad online. People just take me for rude half the time when I’m just being funny.

    Congrats on the award. And loved the drawings. I remember reading the query for CharleeVale’s story, so I sort of have an inkling of who the characters are (if it’s the same story I remember).

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