Traveling Across Space, Time, and State Lines

Published September 2, 2011 by caitlinnicoll

It’s Labor Day weekend, which means I’ll be in Vermont eating delicious food and relaxing. I love going up there this time of year. The weather is cooler (yet still warm), there are no bugs, and the leaves have already started to turn. One of my favorite things to do is sit around the campfire at night roasting marshmallows for s’mores and staring up at the stars. I also like to go to the fair and eat all the fatty fair food, but stargazing is more of a romantic image (so I’ll leave you with that).

Speaking of favorite things, I am of the opinion that there needs to be more time travely books.

I often think about the past and wonder at the secrets it holds. What overlooked events have yet to make themselves known, what truths are lurking behind the stories we know. Our account is a fairly biased one, what with dictators rewriting the history books while in exile, pharaohs erasing their predecessors from history, not to mention the bias of the ones recording the events. Still, our history is magnificent, fascinating, horrific, mind-blowing, and completely and unimaginably awesome. If there were such things t-squares and protractors during the time of the Egyptians, I would be writing to you from the moon*.

Given the Key to the TARDIS, my first priority of business would be to visit the Library of Alexandria. Second, would be to watch the building of the Giza pyramids. Then I would hop on over to the other side of the ice age for a little visit to see how things are going, then maybe hang with favorite historical figure or two.

You would think that with all my fantasizing about the distant past, I would neglect the future, but I don’t. If time travel existed, I would be one of the first ones to line up to get my front row seat at the end of the Universe (best show on earth… er, I mean, Space!). Also on my itinerary would be: the death of the sun, and around 2-3,000 years into the future. We better have flying cars by then. Better yet, we better be able to fly by then (come on, evolution, catch up to our brains already!)

I’ll leave you with my new favorite quote: Books are like the TARDIS, they are bigger on the inside.

Given the choice, where would you go?

*I don’t actually believe this. Maybe I do. I haven’t made up my mind yet. More research is to be done.


6 comments on “Traveling Across Space, Time, and State Lines

  • Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned! I’m jealous you get to see the stars!

    This post is a lot of fun for a Friday morning. I’m thinking of all the cool places in time I’d want to see and I’m not sure where/when to go first! I think I’d really like to experience Athens during the Classical Age. And since technically, we could go anywhere, I *really really* want to go into space. I don’t care if that’s past, present, or future. Sign me up.

    **You hear me, Richard Branson?! Gimme a seat on your next space jet, PLEEZE!!**

  • Maybe as odd as it sounds, I would really like to go back and meet Jesus. Just so I could get a picture of Him. Of course, God would probably break my camera. And I would be sad. But mostly I would like to just sit and have a conversation. Tell Him how crappy it is, have Him tell me it’s going to get worse, and then tell Him He’s not very good at comfort.

    He’d probably pat my leg and say, “I’m not here for that.”

    And then we would sit in silence and eat unleavened bread and drink a little wine and just watch the stars or something. It would be quiet. Uneventful. And the other guys would probably be very confused. XD

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