On the Lands of Lorien…

Published September 10, 2011 by caitlinnicoll

A few weeks ago, I won Sarah’s (aspiring sub-creator) giveaway for the Wonderland Blogfest, and one of the prizes included this beautiful handmade Celtic paper. When I first saw the paper, I was like a five year old with a box of brand new crayons and an empty wall. My eyes lit up and my hands itched with the urge to scribble all over them, and scribble I did. My immediate thought was elves and wizards, and while I haven’t drawn them (yet), I was up late the past two nights furiously sketching away. I have one completed, and a second one that is giving me hell. Let’s just say My Preciouses, that hands are the bane of my artistic existence.

Are you excited about them? I am. I have special plans for the Lorien sketch, and I have a few ideas of what I can do with the others. All to your benefit, of course.

I’m probably going to be scarce again next week. I need to step up my job hunting as the imminent move to Boston looms closer. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Every fall I get these romantic notions about moving back to the Boston area, and this year, I decided to jump ahead and just do it.


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