I Am Legend Blogfest

Published September 29, 2011 by caitlinnicoll

Margo over at Urban Psychopomp is hosting this blogfest in honor of her one year blogoversary. Happy Blogoversary!

The premise of the blogfest is to share what is EPIC LEGEND WIN about your WIP or favorite book.

It took me some time to figure out what exactly I would write. Originally, I wanted to talk about The Lunatic Fire because it was about a 30 year war between the gods. Or maybe, the villain Ken, who is crazy in an Alexander The Great kind of way.

However, due to recent paranormal events with a peeing camera, I decided to delve into my sci-fi, and talk about one of the characters, Metta Ravenheart. This is actually kind of perfect, considering Margo originally gave me the idea for her.

Metta is not the main character. She’s not even alive during the time line of the book. Metta, as the mother of two of the MCs, and the aunt of the third, is a legend. She is a woman recognized in life and remembered in death for her larger than life personality and immense wisdom, which are obscured by her seemingly strange ideas and crazy stories.

She was a woman, due to her abilities (she was a powerful Creator) and wisdom, was respected by the rulers of both empires. She was revered, feared, respected. She was charming, persuasive, cunning. Her presence is a constant throughout the plot; she haunts the MCs memories, shaping, altering their perceptions of reality based on what they learned from her.

She was a woman whose facts were so enmeshed in her fiction, that it is nearly impossible to disentangle the two. Consequently, she was the only one who knew the fate of the two empires, and knowing that she would not live to see it, left just enough breadcrumbs for her offspring to figure out. That is, if they can wade through all of the nonsense.


6 comments on “I Am Legend Blogfest

  • Ooh, I’d like to see an excerpt of that. She does sound like a legendary character with a name to match.

    My only problem with these big characters is the time it takes to write them — at least for me. I’m not naturally as smart or brave as my MC and so it takes me a week to think up some clever thing for her to say to her enemy. 🙂

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