Random Stuff, and Some Excuses

Published October 28, 2011 by caitlinnicoll

So, I kinda dropped the ball on posting for the last two weeks. I had all these posts planned having to do with witches and ghosts, but my creativity kinda got in the way. Besides furiously trying to finish this re-write before NaNo, I’ve been staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning to work on two new art collections (and an all nighter reading Lola and the Boy Next Door, which was fabulous, btw). The first collection is titled Terrifying Beauty, which will be a conglomeration of the light and dark sides of mythology. For instance, the darker side would be drawings of The Dullahan, the Banshee, and that creepy Indian vampire child.

The second collection I’m really excited about (hence the late nights). It’s called Steampunk Fairytales. The name kinda says it all. I’m working on a Snow White drawing, and let me just say that I thought hands were the bane of my existence. But no, it’s gears. Gears suck. Once I’m finished with this one (which feels like never away) I’m going to start on an Alice in Wonderland (or two!) drawing. I have vague ideas for Beauty and the Best and Cinderella drawings, and maybe a Little Red Riding Hood one. We’ll see.

What fairytale do think would be awesome steampunked?

Also, I have a give-away coming up next week, which I’m super excited about. I’ve got some wicked cool goodies to give away!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Is anyone dressing up this year? What are you going to be? I’m going as Amelia Pond. Easy enough costume for a last minute choice.


3 comments on “Random Stuff, and Some Excuses

  • Are you going to share these drawings? I think they sound amazing!

    I’m not dressing up for Halloween, but I am helping a friend of mine get her costume together. She’s going as someone from the 1%. She’s going to dress all fancy rich and have her boyfriend wear a suit and carry her sign for her. I think it’s hilarious, though I wonder how many people will get it…

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