NaNo and a Giveaway

Published November 1, 2011 by caitlinnicoll

It’s the 1st of November, which means NaNo! Also my birthday (not today, but soon). I’m in a pretty festive and giving mood, so to remedy that, I’m doing another give-away. Since the last one was so popular, I’m going to do not 2, but 3 character sketches to the lucky winner!

Like before, it will be 3 sketches of your characters in any style you choose (head shot (like picture left), full body, color, black and white, etc.).

But wait! 2 runner’s up will get bookmarks of my new collections, Terrifying Beauty and Steampunk Fairytales! Once I decide which pieces will be turned into bookmarks, I will post them.

The contest ends November 9th at 11:59 PM. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment about your favorite thing about NaNo. The winners will be randomly chosen.

EDIT: You do not have to be participating in NaNoWriMo to enver the contest.

Be sure to stop by Sommer’s page if you’re participating in NaNo this year. She’s got some awesome support posts. And, Tricia at TL Conway Writes here has some awesome NaNo guest posts.

She is cheering you on, NaNoers

Ok, now back to writing.

Does anyone else obsessively update their word count?


12 comments on “NaNo and a Giveaway

  • I am OBSESSIVE about updating my word count. But if I don’t reach 50K this year, I’m splitting the blame equally between Twitter and Blogging.

    My favorite thing? The shared experience. Knowing I’m doing this with THOUSANDS of other people all at the same time…

    Seriously, Claudie. Share the word wealth!

  • Happy NaNo Day Five!

    I’m crossing my fingers that today goes better than last night did! How’s the keyboard?

    Hopefully the initial excitement is still going strong, but if not I’ve come with a toolbox of inspiration. Ready?

    First, quote of the day: Don’t give up what you want most for what you want right now.

    Second, NaNo Tip of the Day: Don’t forget to reward yourself. It is often easier to notice our lagging word count numbers than to notice how far we’ve already come.

    Good luck!!! Just keep writing!!!

  • Yay, another chance to win a sketch!!!

    My favorite thing about NaNo is the way it forces writers to produce, shows them they can produce, a large number of words with sustained effort. I did 52k words in Oct and am hoping to hit between 50k and 60k for November…and every month after that.

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