Secret Santa Contest

Published December 9, 2011 by caitlinnicoll

I am in a giving mood this season. You see, I have a box. Full of things. Fantastically nerdy, secret things. And I want to give this box to someone.

SO! I am holding a giveaway/contest thingy!

Yay for presents!

All you have to do to enter is:

A) Follow me.

B) Leave a comment telling me the nerdiest thing you have ever done.

That is all. No more. No less.

The contest is open until Dec. 24th 11:59 EST. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Dec. 25th.

This box is bigger on the inside

You have no idea the level of nerdiness that this box contains. I am kinda jealous, actually. There’s the thing! And the other thing! And the thing with the thing!

I might be giving away clues to it’s contents either here or on Twitter. You have been properly warned.

Also, anyone who enters gets 20% off on my Etsy store from now until Jan. 01.

Coupon code: NERD2011

I will be adding more stuff to the store in the upcoming week, so look out for that.

Good luck, and may the Random Gods be with you!


14 comments on “Secret Santa Contest

  • Going to 12:01am movie releases? Opening day book purchases?

    Nah. It’s a toss up between two birthdays.

    One birthday, many, many years ago, all I wanted from my bestie was tickets to the Weird Al show. She obliged and even sang along with the classics such as Yoda, Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch, and the new (for that year) big hit, Amish Paradise.


    Two years ago my other bestie humored me and took me to the late-night showing of Serenity. I had to explain to her why everyone was wearing long brown dusters in the middle of August. And then she had to sit there while everyone else (including me!) sang along with the impromptu opening “credits” from the tv show.

    I’m sure there are more. I’ll be back if I can think of them…

  • So, does that mean that we need to follow you on twitter? I don’t use it.

    I’ve done A LOT of geeky things, but possible the most geeky would have been to name all four of my children after favorite book characters.

    There’s Luthien Tinuviel and Maedhros, named after Elves from The Silmarillion.

    And there’s Fiona and Corwin Benedict, named after characters from Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber.

    And if we ever have more children they’ll almost certainly have names from other favorite books.

    • Ah, should have been more specific. I meant follow the blog. But people can follow me on twitter too. Either or. I’m not picky.

      I kind of love that you named your children names from your favorite books. I love the name Luthien.

  • So, I found your site while I was trying to find your Twitter handle to tell you that you won the YABC Holiday Gifts Giveaway! Yay! Then I saw this post and had to enter. I think it was the police box photo that talked me into it.

    Nerdiest thing? Oh man, this is hard because I’m so Nerdy that I don’t even realize what I’m doing is nerdy. At the time, I think I’m doing something uber cool. Like the time I went to a Ham Radio convention. (Dude, that’s even nerdier than going to Comic Con.)

    I want this box of nerdy goodies! *pants*


  • Oh boy… So many nerdy things…

    I suppose the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done is to BE a nerd, in a small rural high school where there are no HARDCORE other nerds about.

    I talk about books. I talk about things authors said on Twitter. I bounce up and down in my chair when talking about these things, and get some pretty odd looks.

    And on Nerd Day during homecoming this past year, other people wore suspenders. Dorky glasses. The usual stereotypes.

    I wore stickers saying quotes by John Green, and — “Nerd: No costume required.”


  • Holy.. nerdiest thing… I’d made a list. Let’s see what I can recall.

    1. 4 yo: Declaring Luigi was *my* prince charming, and we’d get married later on.
    2. 6-7 yo: Dressing up as Sprite from Secret of Mana for Halloween.
    3. 13 yo: Acting the YOU SHALL NOT PASS scene from the movie, except Gandald’s tirade was the book’s because I knew it all by heart. Which means, boo-yah, I got to play Gandalf!

    I’m pretty sure there was more, from recently, but I can’t recall. If it comes back I’ll add to the list!

  • I came up with something else nerdy! Though it’s not a single event.

    I have an archaic scale in my house that I use to weigh myself. The scale brand is Borg so every time I hop on and see I haven’t lost a pound, I mutter “Resistance is futile” and then get off the scale giggling to myself because NONE of my friends would get the joke…

  • Okay, after mulling this over a while, I still think the nerdiest thing I’ve done was really the collective of my whole Pern fan-girl-dom. I read the books when I was in grade 9 I think, which woulda been 1994, so pre-modern-internet. I was on three Pern-themed MOOs, text-based role-playing games, and I’d spend hours online in the evening role-playing my character and interacting with the other people. I went through general residency, then was Searched, participated in Hatchings, and eventually Impressed a dragon in each of the three (by impressing the game mods by my hardcore role-playing skillz :p ). Offline, I joined a local …gosh, can’t even think what it’d be called. Like a fanfic magazine/newsletter, but with everyone’s characters living in the same weyr and interacting with the others. And I’d write stories and draw pictures for it and even once went to the magazine editor’s house to help her with some stuff.

    And then in grade 11 I got a boyfriend. Strangely, I didn’t find I had as much time for role-playing after that. 😉

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