B is for Babylon

Published April 2, 2012 by caitlinnicoll

Babylon was an ancient Akkadian city-state in Mesopotamia. It is famous for 2 things, the Hanging Gardens, and the place where Alexander the Great died.

Throughout it’s history, Babylon has been has conquered by the Hittites, Persians, Assyrians, Greeks, and Arabs.


What is the capital of Assyria?


Like other ancient cultures, Babylon had a patron god that protected them. The Babylonian god was Marduk, god of magic, water, judgement, and vegetation (Also, he had a dragon). It is said that Marduk has 50 names (Take that John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt). He also had quite a fantastical history. As a young god, he answered the call to end the civil war between the Anunnaki gods after being promised the position of head god. First, he challenged the leader of the Anunnaki, the dragon Tiamat, to single combat and defeated her. After her, he defeated Kingu, and took control of the Tablets of Destiny.

The Hanging Gardens are fascinating because they may or may not have existed. And because the sheer improbability of them (maybe the Heart of Gold was in the area?). It was said to takes 8,200 of gallons a day to keep up, and while the city was situated between the Euphrates and the Tigris, that is still a lot of water. King Nebuchadnezzar II purportedly built them to please his homesick wife Amytis of Media. Despite their dubious existence, they make a great inspiration for a city… hint hint

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14 comments on “B is for Babylon

  • Nice, informative post! I’ve read about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon before, and I agree – I think they are interesting and would be fun to write about . .. hmm. Where could that fit in my next story?
    Also, love your book selections!

  • What a great post. I love Ancient History so I will be sticking around to see what you post throughout the challenge 🙂 It’s just so interesting! That picture is beautiful of the gardens.

    I just saw your fantasy challenge opposite >> damn! Can’t believe I missed the sign up for it! I’ll just have to set myself a challenge along the same lines 🙂

  • I love these ancient cultures, especially places like Babylon. The Hanging Gardens inspire such great ideas, along with… well, I can’t say because now I have an idea. Off to jot it down! 🙂

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