L is for Lakota

Published April 21, 2012 by caitlinnicoll

The Lakota are one of the seven Sioux tribes in the Dakotas.

The Lakota believe they are descended from the eagle, who is the wisest bird. They also have their own flood creation myth, where the water monster, Unktehi fought the humans and won, causing a great flood. Only one girl survived. An eagle, named Wanblee Galesha, saved her and brought her back to his home on a high spire. Back then, humans and animals shared a closer connection, so the bird was able to take her as his wife. She bore him twins, a girl and a boy, and when the waters receded, they came down to earth, married, had children, and created the Lakota nation.

Chief Sitting Bull in 1882

They also believe that Pipestone was created from the congealed blood of all the people who had died in the flood. Therefore, their pipes (made from Pipestone) is sacred because it is the flesh and blood of their ancestors.

Sitting bull was a famous Lakota chief who played a prominent role in the Great Sioux War. He fought in the battle of Little Big Horn, where he defeated Lt. Col. Custer. 

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