I’m Back

Published July 17, 2012 by caitlinnicoll

But not in black. It’s too hot to wear black. Seriously, I feel like I’m swimming in an active volcano. On Mercury.

I’ve been a terrible book challenge host.  The only excuse I really have is that I got really busy and had to give a few things up. Like blogging and reading ( That hurt. A lot). I do plan on writing more posts now that I can breath again, mostly fantasy and sci-fi book recommendations. And since it’s a new year, I’ve been contemplating do a new series of YA Recommends because there have been some amazing books that’ve been released. I’ve been planning and scheming on a few more sekrit projects that will definitely make up for my absence.

So, on that note, has anyone read any good books lately? What about music? What is everyone listening to at the moment?

I’ve been listening to a lot of K-pop. I know, I know, K-pop. But a lot of it is really quite good, better than most American pop. I fell in love with it like you fall asleep; slowly, and then all at once*.


*Thank you, John Green for one of the bestest quotes ever.

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