The Bio of Staggering Importantness

A semi-accurate photo representation

Caitlin spends an unhealthy amount of time at creative pursuits, owns more books than she could possibly ever read, and is a serial word maker-upper. When not writing, she is usually drawing, reading, hiking, or practicing the fine art of procrastination.

If you happen to catch her daydreaming, which is fairly often, it usually involves planning wars, plotting world domination, and crushing the hopes and dreams of villains.

She currently resides in Western Massachusetts where it is very pretty, but nothing ever happens.

Questions? Comments?

Caitlin can be reached via Twitter under the handle @akari09. While she does not currently know the question to the Ultimate Answer, she will be more than happy to discuss the air-speed velocity of Swallows.


My artwork can be found (for sale!) on the following sites:






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